Magnanni: Men’s Luxury Shoes


Magnanni artisans have been crafting luxurious handmade products for over 60 years.

By crafting a classic and contemporary style, our products capture the essence of the worldly gentleman. Season after season we search for the finest materials, all over the world. The result of this constant pursuit of excellence is a pure, sophisticated, and elegant collection of men’s footwear.

We labor to strike a balance between our craftsmen heritage and the future of fashion and technology. Our promise is to uphold the tradition of shoemaking while uniting it with modernization to foster the relationship with current and new customers. Raising standards of quality and originality every season is essential to serving this purpose.

The Fall 17 collection is rich with core Magnanni design. Painstaking detail has been taken in evolving lasts and enhancing new soles. Our clients will recognize the revamped dress collection suitable for the classic and modern gentleman. The casual selection is well-balanced with rugged and tasteful boots along with a mix of retro trainers and signature hi-tops. We count it a great responsibility to uphold the family name in the products we make. We hope the gentlemen wearing our shoes will take pride knowing it was designed with intention and made with integrity. May they be inspired to take solitude of their own to bring about the next great breakthrough.